Recycling labels for vacation rentals designed for children! 

4 free printable recycling bin stickers (in different sizes) to ensure that your guests recycle... because kids influence their parents!  


Why use sustainability communication directed at children? 

Making sustainability fun and accessible,  increases the likelihood of comprehension and retention of the information.

When children are exposed to sustainability communication and encouraged to adopt sustainable habits, they can become role models within their households.

These stickers empower children to become advocates for sustainable practices, and as a result influence their parents and siblings to also sort recyclables. 

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Recycling is one area where we have found that guests have not always followed our guidelines. We don’t like to lecture our guests as they are on holiday. But we really do want them to separate their waste, as we have very good recycling rules here. So when we found these fun and colourful signs produced by Sustonica, we were delighted!

Nikki Matei, Villa in the Vineyard, Italy